Eclectika – “Dazzling Dawn” (2010)


Label : Asylum Ruins Records

Review By Tony Cannella

France’s Eclectika play experimental metal music that is quite difficult to lump into one genre. The history of this band goes way back to 2001, but their career really got moving in 2005 with the release of their debut demo, “Funeral Victorious March” which was followed by their debut full-length “The Last Blue Bird” in 2007. Their new album, “Dazzling Dawn” has just been issued via Asylum Ruins Records. Eclectika features three vocalists – each with their own styles – in the band, two male and one female vocalist (Alexandra Lemoine) with Sebastien Regnier putting his talent to good use as a multi-instrumentalist. The CD begins – ironically enough – with, “The End”, a 3-minute orchestral intro piece that would fit right in on a horror movie soundtrack.The intro has tons of atmosphere and gives off an eerie vibe and it leads us into the all-out assault of, “Dazzling Dawn” which really brings out the Black Metal influence of the band. The next track, “Sophist Revenge” continues in the Black Metal vein of the previous track. The next song, “Les Demons Obsedants du Regret” is quite the contrast from the previous two. This song features the vocals of Alexandra solely and is a nice, beautiful acoustic track.The vocalists each put their own stamp on the songs. The male vocals are more of a brutal/Black Metal style while Alexandra adds a sweet, almost operatic style to the proceedings. On the final track “11 Corps Decharnes” the band brings back the horror movie vibe, with a 10-minute “outro” that ends things, as it began on a spooky note. “Dazzling Dawn” features 10-songs and 49-minutes worth of “eclectic” music from Eclectika and is a very good sophomore release from this French band. The songs have quite a diverse approach and feel to them, making each subsequent listen feel like a new experience.

Rating – 85/100



  1. The End
  2. Dazzling Dawn
  3. Sophist Revenge
  4. Les Demons Obsedants du Regret
  5. There Is No Daylight in the Darkest Paradise
  6. Experience 835
  7. The Next Blue Exoplanet
  8. Marble Altar
  9. Stockholm Syndrome
  10. 11 Corps Decharnes


Line Up

  • Alexandra Lemoine – Vocals
  • Aurelien Pers – Vocals
  • Sebastien Regnier – Vocals & Instruments



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