Ecliptyka – “A Tale of Decadence” (2011)


Label : Die Hard Records

Review by Tony Cannella

If you like some strong lyrical subject matter to go with your metal, than look no further than Brazil’s Ecliptyka. On their debut album “A Tale of Decadence”, Ecliptyka touch on a number of subjects that are near and dear to their hearts, such as the environment, cruelty to animals (they oppose that) and war (they oppose that, too). Ecliptyka features three different vocal styles. The two main ones are provided by female vocalist Helena Martins and Guilherme Bollini who adds screaming, extreme metal style vocals. They are joined at various parts of the album Helio Valisc who brings a more traditional metal style to the fun. Musically, Ecliptyka plays a hybrid of Thrash, Power Metal, Aggressive Metal to name a few. “A Tale of Decadence” begins with the intro track “The Age of Decadence” as “We Are The Same” comes out of the gates like a shot. This is a pretty good opening number that is highlighted by its galloping riffage, and Iron Maiden like guitar harmonies. Next we hear “Splendid Cradle”, which is more of a mid-tempo song with Helena trading off vocals with Helio. Some cool orchestral moments highlight this song as well. Ecliptyka tears through a plethora of strong material, like: “Fight Back”, “Dead Eyes”, “Hate” and “Why Should They Pay?“. The only song that I am not quite sure about is the ballad “Eyes Closed”. It’s not a bad song, but when compared with the other, heavier material it doesn’t really fit. It is true, Ecliptyka has a lot to say in their songs, but hopefully the message won’t overshadow the music, they should both go hand-in-hand. At the end of the day, it is all about the music and “A Tale of Decadence” delivers. Pretty cool album cover, too.

Rating – 85/100



  1. The Age of Decadence
  2. We Are the Same
  3. Splendid Cradle
  4. Fight Back
  5. Dead Eyes
  6. Echoes from War
  7. Hate
  8. Why Should They Pay?
  9. Look at Yourself
  10. I’ve Had Everything
  11. Unnatural Evolution
  12. Eyes Closed
  13. Berco Esplendido


Line Up

  • Helena Martins – Vocals
  • Guilherme Bollini – Guitars & Scream Vocals
  • Hélio Valisc – Guitars & Vocals
  • Eric Zambonini – Bass
  • Tiago Catalá – Drums


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