Edenial – “From the End” (2011)


Label : Ravenheart Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Chile, the four member Metal band Edenial formed in 2000. In 2003 they released 4-song demo and in 2011 – 8 long years later – Edenial resurfaces with their second album titled “From the End”. This Chilean band definitely has got the ability and potential to raise their profile in world of melodic (yet heavy) metal. The song which the album is named after “From the End” begins things and is not really indicative of what to expect on “From the End”. It is still a good song but it has a dreamy, more laid back vibe than the other material presented here. It is on the second song “Wind” where Edenial find their groove and “From the End” really starts to take off. Vocalist Francisca Lastra has got a solid, energetic, powerful voice. I know that those are three adjectives that are possibly overused at times, but they really and truly apply to Francisca Lastra. Throughout the CD Edenial is constantly barraging the listener with some dense and crushing guitar riffs, and a style that lies somewhere between Thrash Metal and Classic Metal, with some power metal and guitar virtuoso moments thrown in as well. “The Big Day”, “Maiden” and “Don’t Look Behind” sees the band in full-on attack mode. My favorite songs, without a doubt is “It’s Too Dark, Too Wet & Cold”, I know I don’t understand the title either but with that a side this just proves to be a great song. That is followed by the attitude heavy, in-your-face assault of “Payback”. The melodic “Staying with Me” brings things to a great conclusion even though this is not as heavy as the other material and has leanings in the realm of the ballad, this is still a powerful number and a wonderful way to end things. “From the Beginning” is a very effective debut. “From the End” by Edenial is 12-songs and 49-minutes worth of some solid material. The songs are mostly up-tempo, well played/written and feature some wicked hooks, infectious melodies and memorable choruses. The songs also possess enormous commercial potential (in my opinion) if given the opportunity to reach a wider audience. At the end of the day, Edenial are still a metal band (and a very good one at that) but their accessibility factor can’t be denied.

Rating – 88/100



  1. From the End
  2. Wind
  3. The Big Day
  4. Maiden
  5. Don’t Look Behind
  6. The Hunting
  7. I Love It
  8. It’s Too Dark, Too Wet & Cold
  9. Payback
  10. Count till 10
  11. Freedom?
  12. Staying with Me


Line Up

  • Francisca Lastra – Vocals
  • Gerardo Ihle –  Guitars
  • Eduardo Pasten – Bass
  • Daniel Urdangarin – Drums



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