Eerie Sounds : Chariovalda – “Chariovalda” EP (2009)


Independent Release

Review by Danny Robertson

Chariovalda presents this debut EP. Essentially a solo side-project of Sebas (from the band Heidevolk) who wrote the majority of the music, this EP also features vocal contributions from Iné Zijlstra, from the battle metal group Elexorien, in addition to two other musicians – former Heidevolk violinist Stephanie Achatz, and sometime-Rapalje contributor Eva Marks. The musical output here is a slight departure for those more accustomed to Sebas’ more metal-based material with Heidevolk – whilst still sang entirley in Dutch, this release consists of four tracks of medieval acoustic-folk, heavily influenced by German history and mythology, paganism and nature. So whilst the music itself may be different, the influences behind it are still very much the same. The tracks presented here would be the perfect soundtrack to a medieval battle reenactment!This CD would easily appeal to fans of Heidevolk and the likes of Turisas, or medieval themes and acoustic pagan/folk music, and is a good taster of things to come. The EP is available via Chariovalda‘s MySpace site, and at live events featuring Heidevolk, Elexorien or Rapalje.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Noordzee (As Autumn Falls)
  2. Freya
  3. Web Van Wording
  4. Het Heilige Woud


Line Up 

  • Iné Zijlstra – Vocals
  • Stephanie Achatz – Vocals and violin
  • Sebastiaan “Sebas” van Eldik – Guitars, beatring and drums
  • Eva Marks – Bodhran




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