Label : Abstraktsens Productions

Review By Tony Cannella

The style of the French duo known as Life’s Decay is difficult to put a finger on. They play an eclectic mix of Dark Wave, Ambient, with one or two other influences thrown in to create an interesting sound. The band is made up of two members: Alea is the vocalist and Lykwasst does everything else. In listening to their new Cd “Dysrieuses” it is difficult to believe that there are only two members involved, but that is exactly the case. In researching this band, I was very surprised to learn that they have been in existence since 2003 and “Dysrieuses” is actually Life’s Decay‘s sixth full-length release. Talk about being under the radar. The 12-songs and 45-minutes worth of music on “Dysrieuses” have a very avant-garde feel to them and I am not sure if I have ever heard a band/project such as them before. The majority of the lyrics (which are also written by Alea) are sung in French and the band incorporate some non traditional metal instruments such as accordian and trumpet, which adds to the different feeling you get on this CD. I was really interested in the melancholic nature of some of the songs, such as: “Viversie” (my favorite track), “Eabelia” and “Ambrause”.Life’s Decay are a band will be impossible to nail to one genre or one sub-genre. Even if you are not necessarily a fan of music such as this, you still have to give them their due. “Dysrieuses” can be a challenging CD to listen to at times, but this band is multi-talented and multi-faceted and if given the chance “Dysrieuses” is a Cd that can quite possibly grow on the listener.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Etasthesie
  2. Emerance
  3. Eabelia
  4. Sulvisyan
  5. Viversie
  6. Ambrause
  7. Iristhetique
  8. Etesse
  9. Elystea
  10. Exalyne
  11. Evarestique
  12. Inkerosa


Line Up

  • Alea – Vocals
  • Lykwasst – Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Violin, Accordian, Trumpet, Organ, Drums and Percussion



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