Eerie Sounds Review: Angelzoom – “Angelzoom” (2004)


Label : Metal Mind Productions

Review by Tony Cannella

Germany’s Angelzoom is a non-metal project led by Claudia Uhle. In 2004, Claudia released her self-titled debut album under the Angelzoom banner and now that album has been re-issued via Metal Mind Productions out of Poland. Not only is the original album presented here but there is also some cool bonus material included on the re-issue. So fans of the band will have an added incentive to include this CD in their collection. First off, Claudia Uhle has got such an expressive voice and vocal style. The debut from Angelzoom is an albums worth of dreamy, soundscapes. This re-issue is filled to capacity with great music. Songs like “Turn the Sky”, “Back in the Moment” (which I believe she made a video out of), “Guardian Angel” and “Fairyland” all highlight the strong material contained within. Instead of playing Metal, Angelzoom offers a unique mixture of Classical, New Wave, Dark Wave, Gothic and Electro Pop. Whatever Genre, Angelzoom lies in; there is no denying that Claudia packs plenty of atmosphere into the songs on her debut.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Turn the Sky
  2. Back in the Moment
  3. Blasphemous Rumors
  4. Otium
  5. Falling Leaves
  6. Guardian Angel
  7. Crawling
  8. Bouncing Shadows
  9. Fairyland
  10. Dream in a Church
  11. Lights
  12. Newborn Sun
  13. Into My Arms
  14. Christmas Dreams
  15. Peace of Mind (Bonus Tracks)
  16. Fairyland (video clip) (Bonus Tracks)
  17. Fairyland (Radio Version) (Bonus Tracks)
  18. The World Between (non-album track) (Bonus Tracks)
  19. Sapphire (non-album track) (Bonus Tracks)
  20. Fairyland (Blutengel Club Remix) (Bonus Tracks)
  21. Fairyland (Sacrifight Army Remix) (Bonus Tracks)


Line Up

  • Claudia Uhle – Vocals & Piano
  • Rene Siodla – Male Vocals
  • Joachim Witt – Male Vocals
  • Pitti Piatkowski – Guitars
  • Bernd Wendlandt – Keyboards, Piano & Programming



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