Eerie Sounds Review : Angelzoom – “Nothing Is Infinite” (2010)


Label : Wannasee Records

Review by Tony Cannella

My only knowledge of the German singer Claudia Uhle – otherwise known as Angelzoom – has been through various compilation albums. Her new album “Nothing Is Infinite” is out now and this is my first chance to sample an entire album from this talented singer. Musically, Angelzoom offers a wide scope of ambient, electro and gothic influences. “Nothing s Infinite” features 14-songs and 50-minutes worth of cohesive, innovative and atmospheric music. Some of the strongest tracks are: “The Things You Said”, “Runaway”, “My Innermost” and “Fragile”. The vocals of Claudia Uhle are on full display throughout the album and it helps to create an enjoyable listening experience. The music on “Nothing Is Infinite” is pretty laid back and at times relaxing to listen to. Angelzoom is a different kind of animal than what your average metal head might listen to but still it is cool to put on for a change of pace, besides you can’t bang your head all the time. Can you?

Rating – 75/100



  1. Battle Angel Chpt. V
  2. The Things You Said
  3. These Arms of Mine
  4. Runaway
  5. Battle Angel Chpt. I
  6. My Innermost
  7. Hypnotized
  8. Fragile
  9. Everyone Cares
  10. Doomsday
  11. Handsome World
  12. Battle Angel Chpt. II
  13. Clones
  14. Afterlife


Line Up

  • Claudia Uhle –  Vocals, Backing Vocals, Piano, Organ
  • Bernd Wendlandt – Keyboards, Piano, Backing Vocals
  • Pitti Piatkowski – Guitar on track: 8



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