Eerie Sounds Review : Candice Night – “Reflections” (2011)


Label : Ministrel Hall

Review by Luisa Mercier

The happily married wife of Ritchie Blackmore decided to go solo and provide us with this nice collection of tracks. Of course, they stray away from the usual medieval tinged acoustic music played by Blackmore’s Night and propose us a mixture of pop, pop-rock and sometimes hard-rock. For example “Gone, Gone, Gone” the first single, is a perfect catchy rock song while the following “Black Roses” and “Now and Then 2011” go back to the fairish atmosphere we are used to associate to her. “Dangerous Smile” could have been a real hit if sung by some pop-star and with a slightly different arrangement. Completely Celtic influenced is “For You”, so it fits the imagery Candice has created around her during these years. “Call It Love” is a bit cheesy, but it is equally a good song to listen to, followed by “Robin Red Breast”, a sweet ballad driven by acoustic guitar and Candice‘s vocals. Violin is the lead instrument in “Alone with Fate” which closes the album together with the medieval sounding outro “In Time”. A good release, not a masterpiece, but sounds suitable as pleasant background music.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Wind Is Calling (Hush the Wind)
  2. Gone Gone Gone
  3. Black Roses
  4. Now and Then (2011)
  5. Dangerous Smile
  6. For You
  7. Call It Love
  8. Robin Red Breast
  9. Alone with Fate
  10. In Time


Line Up

  • Candice Night – Vocals




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