Eerie Sounds Review : Collection d’Arnell-Andrea – “Vernés-Monde” (2010)


Label : Prikosnovenie

Review by Stina

If you have a weak spot for haunting, subtly transporting soundscapes crossed by quiet rivers, inhabited by mythical creatures and enveloped in the soothing darkness of an Autumn wood, there are many wonderful moments on “Vernes-Monde” that are bound to inspire undiluted awe. Made up of textural, spacious three- to six-minute coldwave/ethereal/Dark folk compositions with ‘heavenly voices’-like, mostly French-sung vocal lines, “Vernes-Monde” is a welcome reminder of how some albums do not need bombastic, pumped up arrangements to feel magniloquent and absorbing. Whether heard in earphones or on a stereo, the music of this long-standing collective going by the name of Collection d’Arnell-Andréa – who has thus far flown beneath my radar, or rather maybe soared far above it, in spite of having a long story that traces back to the 80’s! – is so warm and enveloping that will be felt all around the listener, weaved through lush synths, cello laments, cherubic acoustic guitars and lead singer Chloé Saint-Liphard’s flawlessly discreet, almost fragile vocal performance laying down Romanticism-inspired lyrics – elements that coalesce into a sound that it’s solemn and evocative without coming off as artefact or redundant. For these reasons and much more, “Vernes-Monde” will appeal to anyone with even a casual interest in the genre, and the outstanding vocals of Chloé showcase an introspective, nightly face of female interpretation that will undoubtably endear any fan of female voices.

Rating – 88/100



  1. La Beauce, l’Errance
  2. Au Chevet des Faunes
  3. The Coming of Believes
  4. D’Autres Voix que le Vent
  5. The World We Leave
  6. Les Champs, Demain
  7. Dawn Again
  8. Les Sables-Mémoire
  9. The Wan Plain
  10. Vernes-Monde


Line Up

  • Chloé St Liphard – Vocals
  • Vincent Magnien – Electric guitar
  • Carine Grieg – Piano, keyboards & vocals
  • Jean-Christophe d’Arnell – Piano, keyboards, drums
  • Franz Torres-Quevedo – Bass, acoustic guitars & vocals
  • Thibault d’Aboville – Viola
  • Xavier Gaschignard – Cello



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