Eerie Sounds Review : Rhys Marsh and the Autumn Ghost – “The Blue Hour” (2012)


Label :  Termo Records/Better Place Recordings

Review by Luisa Mercier

Third release for the English Rhys Marsh and his big orchestra. Based in Norway, the band features members from a moltitude of other musical projects like The Irrepressibles, In Lingua Mortua, The Divine Comedy and many, many others. So influences are really varied and it is difficult to fit the music in just one genre. I would say that is Prog with Jazz, Ambient and Symphonic hints, so lovers of this kind of music should enjoy “The Blue Hour”It is a record that should be listened in the quiet, at sundown. It is made of slow tempo songs with male and female vocals that entertwine. “Broken Light” is a perfect example. Expect long instrumental parts and a lot of brass and woodwinds, relaxing moments and a little bit of psychedelia. Definitely not a release for everyone, since listening to the album can result hard for a first time approach to such refined music, but lovers of this kind of music, will appreciate it for sure.

Rating – 70/100



  1. And I Wait
  2. Read the Cards
  3. The Movements of Our Last Farewell
  4. Broken Light
  5. Wooden Heart
  6. Further from the Truth
  7. The Place Where You Lay
  8. One More Moment 


Line Up

  • Rhys Marsh — Voice, guitars, piano, mellotron, pedal steel, organ, zither, & orchestrations
  • Trude Eidtang — Vocals
  • Jess Bryant — Vocals
  • Åsa Börrefors — Vocals
  • Nicklas Barker — Mellotron
  • Lars Fredrik Frøislie — Chamberlin, hammond, moog, autoharp & celeste.
  • Akira Rabelais — Electronics
  • Timbre Cierpke — Concert Harp
  • Gaute Storsve — Guitar
  • Steve Honest — Pedal Steel
  • Ketil Vestrum Einarsen — Flute.
  • Mia Silvas — Flute
  • Tuva Hatlelid Mortensen — Oboe
  • Kirsti Jacobsen — Clarinet
  • Henning Wien — Bass Clarinet
  • Jørgen Vie — Bassoon
  • Tetsuroh Konishi — Trumpet
  • Hayden Powell — Trumpet
  • Erik Johannessen — Trombone
  • Kristoffer Lo — Tuba & flugabone
  • Anna Giddey — Violin
  • Charlie Stock — Viola
  • Natalie Rozario — ‘Cello & orchestrations
  • Jo Fougner Skaansar — Double & electric bass
  • Francis Booth — Bass
  • Andy Raeburn — Drums
  • Takashi Mori — Drums
  • Mattias Olsson — Drums, celeste, mellotron & orchestron.
  • Iver Sandøy — Drums
  • Martin Horntveth — Drums & orchestral percussion. 



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