Eerie Sounds Reviews : Canonis – “Apple of Discord” COMPILATION (2010)


Label : BadMoonBad Music/Solitude Productions

Review by Tony Cannella

It is odd when a band comes out with a 28-minute compilation EP. Such is the case with “Apple of Discord” by the Russian band Canonis. After a series of Demos – their first of which came out in 1995 – and a single, the band has compiled some of those moments on their new 7-song, 28-minute compilation. Musically Canonis began as Doom Metal band but has since evolved into playing ethereal, ambient music and that is the style that is showcased on “Apple of Discord”. On “Apple of Discord” the general tone is one of dark and beautiful music. Their Doom Metal period is clearly in the rear view mirror for Canonis as the songs display an ambience and ethereal splendor to them. There is also a bit of a Celtic, Folk flavor to some of the songs. Throughout “Apple of Discord” I was most certainly impressed with the overall presentation, sound and most of all songs from this talented Russian band. Hopefully a debut full-length from Canonis is not too far off.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Apple of Discord
  2. Memoria Vasta
  3. Arkhaim
  4. The Cold Sea
  5. Snow River
  6. The Aquarell
  7. Amalgama


Line Up

  • Julie White – Vocals
  • Emily A.Saaen – Vocals
  • Tim Spirit – Guitar, Flute, Programming
  • Mike Deblin – Guitar, Keyboards 



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