Eerie Sounds Reviews : Din Brad – “Dor” (2012)


Label : Auerbach Tonträger/ Prophecy Productions

Review by Luisa Mercier

I have to admit that I do not like very much this kind of atmospheric folk music, mingled with doom mood. I think it is way too complex to listen to, but I will not deny that someone might find it really artistic.This review is for that kind of audience, the ones that will love “Dor”. Din Brad is a side-project of the doom-metal band Negura Bunget and it is strictly related to Romanian folklore. On vocals you will find Inia Dinia (keyboardist in Negura Bunget), Alma and male vocalist NegruThe record is opened by floating “Amar” enriched by percussions and the eerie sound of synth. Female voices are different because Alma is more dark, while Dinia has a brighter voice. The album is filled with traditional instrumentation and it has also more of one solo moments as in the third track “Poarce ‘N Suflet Greu Pacatu” where Negru vocalises for all the duration of the song. I found a little bit boring, but I am sure that fan of this kind of music are able to appreciate it. Following “Doin” offers more interesting elements, but I think I also have some problems with the way Romanian language sounds. Cintecul Cununei” is another a capella track, sung by a guest, I think she is some local traditional singer. I would like to quote a fellow reviewer as far as the following tracks are concerned: ““Dor” provides more instrumentation (and even some of those chilling whispers from the first track), but it’s too little too late. I enjoyed this song, but again after a couple of minutes, I found myself waiting for it to end”. Also, because “Of, Of, Viata” is another a capella piece way too similar to the others. “Durere” is little attempt at spicing thing up, without a great result. Flute and female vocals soar over a musical background that is always the same. Other a capella track follows and it always is another one that closed the album, so I think this is the problem of Din Brad. There is little variety in music, so all results a bit dull overall. It is something they can work on, for sure and improve in next releases. At present state, I advice “Dor” only to hardcore fans of folk.

Rating – 65/100



  1. Amar
  2. Îmbratisat De Dor
  3. Poarce’n Suflet Greu Pacatu
  4. Doina
  5. Cîntecul Cununei
  6. Dor
  7. Of, Of, Viata
  8. Durere
  9. Foaie Verde, Odolean
  10. Cine Iubeste si Lasa
  11. Bradule, Bradutule


Line Up

  • Alma – Vocals
  • Inia Dinia – Vocals, Keyboards & Flute
  • Negru – Drums & Percussions



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