Eerie Sounds Reviews : Grey November – “The Fall of the House of Husher” (2011)


Label : SL Productions

Review by Luisa Mercier

Inspired by the E. A. Poe short novel of the same name, Grey November deliver us a monument devoted to the memory of funeral doom, nuanced with a romantic, decadent atmosphere that the writer himself would have liked. The opener “A Dull, Dark, and Soundless Day in the Autumn of the Year” is a synth-based track while the rain slowly set the mood for a grey autumn landscape. Then Marieke ethereal vocals kicks in gracing everything with a ghostly aura, while drums and guitars play their doomed dance. Spoken words from both male and female counterparts give an even more creepy vibe to the song. French language enhances the already inner elegance of the whole record, which is also partially sung in English. “Roderick Usher” has the typical doom pace, while Marieke and Cédric entwine their voices until the melancholic acoustic break, rain beaten and cold bitten. The silhouette of the Ushers haunted house is perfectly painted in the mind of the listener, completely covered in fog and gloominess. Thick guitars pave the ending of the song and their reverberating sound fills the air with mysteries. The following “Lady Usher” is the second longest track on the album. The first half is synth-driven, completely hopeless and sad, while the second leaves the listener aghast through whispers, spoken words, the rain and the wind. The outro is doom metal again and Marieke showcases her magnificent vocals. The fourth track is a short piece, full of sounds from a surrounding environment: the wind, an old door opening, steps on the stairs, drops falling from the ceiling. “Requiem” is a neoclassical instrumental only broken by a French spoken part and it works as intro for the title-track. Sixteen minutes long, it builds heavier and heavier, even some growl appear through the thunders and the ending has a sudden, obsessive black metal twist. Something you did not expect after a whole record so slowly paced. “Epilogue” closes the album; the first part is quite weird, full of electronic beats, it resembles an industrial song. Then it becomes neoclassical again, strangely peaceful with a slight restless feeling. Spoken parts and Marieke‘s singing creates a romantic atmosphere. The final minutes are completely made up of sounds taken from the surrounding of the house. Chaos and then the rain beating over the abandoned mansion. Not an easy-listening for sure, but if you love this kind of atmospehere you will love “The Fall of the House of Usher”.

Rating – 80/100



  1. A Dull, Dark, and Soundless Day in the Autumn of the Year
  2. Roderick Usher
  3. Lady Usher
  4. Requiem
  5. The Fall of the House of Usher
  6. Epilogue


Line Up 

  • Marieke Delanghe – Vocals
  • Cédric Seyssiecq – Music, vocals, lyrics, concept, artwork



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