Eerie Sounds Reviews : Judith – “The Path” (2010)


Independent Release

Review by Luisa Mercier

Judith is an Italian singer from Rome, also vocalist for the metal band Raving Season. This is her first solo attempt and it is very different from what she is used to sing with the death-prog combo. “The Path” is a melancholic, ethereal release, much closer to neoclassical music than to rock. You can hear it since the opener “Dark Garden”. Piano-based, it features Judith crystal-clear vocals and strings. The atmosphere is quiet, a bit sad, airy “Innocence Inside” is a bit more majestic, the orchestral arrangements match the operatic vocals that show another side of Judith skills. I got the mental image of this music playing in one of those centuries-old Medieval cathedrals. At half of the song a piano riff starts lonely to build up in a very fascinating instrumental break. The Italian titled “Sigillo” (“Seal”) is an eerie, fairy-like track that fits the present winter mood, with show-covered landscapes. “Eden Lost” is very soundtrackish, with piano and orchestrations throughout the song, while Judith delivers her heavenly vocalisations. Piano and voice for “The Door”, a track in the veins of the previous ones, while “My Everything” is another song that will be perfect as a movie score. Last song is “Thirsty Forever”. Beautiful synth and piano frame Judith amazing, emotional voice while the atmosphere is even more rarefied than in the others if possible. Really, a fascinating, enchanting, uplifting record. I really hope to hear more from this young artist.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Dark Garden
  2. Innocence Inside
  3. Sigillo
  4. Eden Lost
  5. The Door
  6. My Everything
  7. Thirsty Forever


Line Up

  • Judith – Vocals & Piano
  • Roberto Romano – Arrangements


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