Eerie Sounds Section : Blackmore’s Night – “Autumn Sky” (2010)


Label : Spinefarm Records/Universal

Review by Tony Cannella

Ritchie Blackmore, Candice Night and their merry band of minstrels have been spreading the gospel for fine renaissance music since 1997. Who ever thought it would last this long? I sure as heck didn’t but the fact remains that Blackmore’s Night has quietly and steadily built up a strong back catalogue of material that continues with their latest offering “Autumn Sky”. Musically “Autumn Sky” is not really much of a departure from what Blackmore’s Night has been known for. The tandem of Ritchie and Candice Night continues to explore their fascination with Renaissance era music and sounds. Candice Night, in particular has been a huge, integral part of Blackmore’s Night’s sound and evolution – both with her voice and her lyrics. Songs like “Highland”, “Vagabond”, “Journeyman”, “Celluloid Heroes” and “Strawberry Girl” are all strong indeed and continue the tradition that began in 1997 with “Shadow of the Moon”. Of course Ritchie Blackmore is far removed from his days as a guitar virtuoso in such legendary bands as Deep Purple and Rainbow and is fully entrenched in the Renaissance thing. Candice and Ritchie are obviously doing something they enjoy and that comes out loud and clear on “Autumn Sky”.

Rating – 84/100



  1. Highland
  2. Vagabond (Make a Princess of Me)
  3. Journeyman
  4. Believe In Me
  5. Sake of the Song
  6. Song and Dance, Pt. 2
  7. Celluloid
  8. Heroes
  9. Keeper of the Flame
  10. Night at Eggersberg
  11. Strawberry Girl
  12. All the Fun of the Fayre
  13. Darkness
  14. Dance of the Darkness
  15. Health to the Company
  16. Barbara Allen 


Line Up

  • Candice Night – Vocals, Chanter, Cornamuse, Shawm, Rauschpfeife & Tambourine
  • Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar, Mandolin, Domra & Hurdy Gurdy
  • Bard David of Larchmont – Keyboards
  • Gypsy Rose – Violin
  • Earl Grey of Chamay – Bass, Mandolin and Rhythm Guitar 
  • Squire Malcolm of Lumley – Drums, Percussions



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