Eerie Sounds Section : Sara Watkins – “Sun Midnight Sun” (2012)


Label : Nonesuch Records/Warner Music

Review by Luisa Mercier

“Sun Midnight Sun” is the second solo effort of Sara Watkins, violin and fiddler player, plus singer and songwriter, once part of the bluegrass band Nickel Creek. Even though all the songs have that folk-country old feeling around them, only two are actually oldies: “You’re the One I love” in which Sara is joined by her friend Fiona Apple. The song is muche faster than the original one and it sounds angry more than loving. The other cover is Willie Nelson’s “I’m a Memory”. This time the guest is Jackson Browne. They added to the song a hook that was missing, making it an ultra catchy tune! The chosen single is “When It Pleases You”, written by Semisonic Dan Wilson. The song is quite long, seven minutes, and it is a mid-tempo power ballad with some rock hints and Sara‘s sweet violin. The rest of the album was written by Sara, alone or with her producer Blake Mills. The intro “The Foothills” somehow links Sara to her previous work with Nickel Creek, even though the distorted violin is more rock than country. Another worthy composition is “Be There”, a ballad quite sad and hopeless. I loved it. Even though the title suggests differently “Impossible” is slightly more lively and joyful. Sara is doubtless matured since her Nickel Creek times and people will love this record when will listen to it.

Rating – 75/100



  1. The Foothills
  2. You and Me
  3. You’re the One I Love
  4. When It Pleases You 
  5. Be There
  6. I’m a Memory
  7. Impossible
  8. The Ward Accord
  9. Lock & Key
  10. Take Up Your Spade 


Line Up

  • Sara Watkins – Vocals, Violin, Fiddler & Acoustic Guitar



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