Elyose – “Théogyne” (2012)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From Paris, France, the band Elyose was formed around 2009. After releasing a 6-song EP the band began work on their debut. “Théogyne” is the fruits of their labor. Elyose combines metal with eloctronica, industrial, progressive and classical to produce a top notch debut with “Théogyne”. “Théogyne” features 12-songs and almost 50-minutes worth of some fine metal with various influences shown by Elyose. The opening “Intro” is a pretty cool classical piece that segues into the excellent opener “Le Liberateur”. Elyose comes out of the gates strong and they are led by the strong, powerhouse vocals of Justine Daaé who has a diverse singing voice. She does excellent on the operatic stuff, but is also quite good when the song requires that she rein things in and the operatic style is not required as much. In addition to Justine, Elyose features excellent musicians all the way around who can play any style you want – the vocals and the musicianship complement each other so well, and the chemistry is just perfect. The electronic edge that introduces the next song “Overload” has a bit of a latter day Atrocity vibe to it. The majority of the lyrics are sung in French and some other highlights include: “Théogyne”, “L’Orientale”, “Incandescence” and “Derive”. There has been a lot of buzz on the internet with regards to Elyose, and after listening to “Théogyne” it is easy to see why. While “Théogyne” is undoubtedly metal, Elyose also does a great job in incorporating other musical ingredients to create an excellent debut. This is a thoroughly enjoyable listen throughout.

Rating – 95/100



  1. Intro
  2. Le Liberateur
  3. Overload
  4. Théogyne
  5. L’Orientale
  6. Incandescence
  7. Derive
  8. Elevation
  9. Mirry Dancers
  10. Wine From the Sick
  11. Je Tempeste
  12. Les Artisans Due Chaos


Line Up

  • Justine Daaé – Vocals
  • Julien Portrat – Guitars
  • Antoine Bouchet – Guitars
  • Ghislain Henry – Bass
  • Patrick Cazu – Drums



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