End of September – “End of September” (2012)


Label : Ulterium Records

Review by Tony Cannella

End of September is a very promising melodic metal band from Sweden. They were formed in 2009 and have just released their self-titled debut. The great song “Isolated” opens the album and it could not get off to a better start. This song highlights the smooth and emotional vocals of Elin Redin. End of September made a video out of this song (solid choice) which can be viewed at all the usual outlets. “Fallen” is next and another song that changes tempos and showcases the bands penchant for writing melodic and infectious songs. End of September also manages to include extreme male vocals in this song but it doesn’t take away from it all. The next song is “A Place to Go” and the band continues on in the similar melodic vein of the previous two songs. In addition to some great music, I was really impressed with the bands thoughtful and optimistic lyrics. The album pretty much sets its course and doesn’t stray too far off it. In addition to the extreme male vocals, there is also the presence of clean male vocals on some songs like on the excellent “Silence”. This is a good song that features all three vocal styles and the chorus is just so damn infectious and by the end of the song, I was humming along with it. At only 36-minutes long this is a short album (barely longer than an EP), and some of it does get a little repetitive, but that is taking nothing away from the fact that End of September does a great job in mixing crunchy guitar riffs, thoughtful lyrics and melodic songs to create an impressive debut.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Isolated
  2. Fallen
  3. A Place to Go
  4. Exile
  5. Inner Voice
  6. Left In This World
  7. Waiting for the Rain
  8. Silence
  9. Autumn Breaks


Line Up

  • Elin Redin – Vocals
  • Erik Tordsson – Guitar & Vocals
  • Johan Nöjd – Bass
  • Johan Svensson – Drums



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