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Review by Tony Cannella

From Canada, Endless Night was formed in 2008, with their debut effort “Haunted Lullabies” being released in 2009. Endless Night describe their sound as Powerpop mixed with Gothic Metal.  I also hear a bit of an Evanescence style in their music. Front woman Emi has a strong voice, that at times reminds me of Amy Lee, but that is only at certain times throughout the 7-song, 30-minute debut. The opener “The Play of Our Agony” begins with a little piano intro before being replaced by a grinding guitar riff, as the expressive vocals of Emi takes over. This opener boasts a steady pace throughout and features a pretty cool guitar solo, courtesy of Wared.  One thing that is constant throughout “Haunted Lullabies” is the big, heavy guitar riffs that are present. The one exception being “Burial (for My Mortician)” which is the lone ballad included here. Other highlights included on “Haunted Lullabies”: “Black-Red Blood”, “Hear This Now”, “Winter Cloak” and “Trauma”. Overall, the sound on “Haunted Lullabies” has a live feel to it, which is another point in its favor. Not a bad debut from Endless Night. Since “Haunted Lullabies” was released two years ago, it will be interesting to see and follow the progression of this quality outfit from the Great White North. 

Rating – 78/100



  1. The Play of Our Agony
  2. Black Red-Blood
  3. Hear This Now
  4. Winter Cloak
  5. Trauma
  6. Burial (for My Mortician)
  7. Childhood Prejudice


Line Up

  • Emi – Vocals & Piano
  • Wared – Guitar
  • Franky – Bass
  • Jay – Drums



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