Ephel Duath – “On Death and Cosmos” EP (2012)


Label : Agonia Records

Review by Luisa Mercier

Italian avantgarde band Ephel Duath is back on the scene after a long break due to personal and economic reasons. These are good news, of course since the band was in constant evolution, an evolution that brought them from black metal to the present progressive/postcore. They are always eager to experiment and this EP is no exception. It was born from a moment of deep mourning and the lyrics reflect this moment of reflection and self.transformation. On vocals we find Karyn Crisis and Steve Di Giorgio on bass, while the core of the band is still Davide Tiso. So expectations are high, but listening to the record, you can see that there is something wrong. Twenty minutes are not much time to fully judge the work of a band, but the three tracks are very similar among each other and I found them a bit too cold, dull. The pain, the despair that should come out stays rather hidden, except maybe in the last “Stardust” thanks to the excellent work of Karyn on harsh vocals. I think that more than avantgarde or progressive, this EP is linked to the black metal of the origins of the band, but does not fully succed in reaching its goal.

Rating – 65/100



  1. Black Prism
  2. Raqia
  3. Stardust


Line Up

  • Karyn Crisis – Vocals
  • Davide Tiso –  Guitars
  • Steve Di Giorgio – Bass
  • Marco Minnemann – Drums



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