Ephemeral Dusk – “Lonely Landscape” DEMO (2009)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella

Ephemeral Dusk are a band from Spain and they play melancholic, down-tempo, doom/death metal. The bands new 3-song demo is titled “Lonely Landscape” and it features 24-minutes of some seriously heavy and ponderous music from this up-and-coming Spanish band. The band are fronted by the duel male/female vocals of Fede Gil (who also plays guitar) and Silvia Marin (she plays keyboards as well). “Lost by My Egoism” is the first track featured here and right away it is a slow, heavy track that features the Death Metal style vocals of male singer Fede Gil and the angelic, sweet sounding voice of Silvia Marin. The whole vibe and feel of this song is pretty much indicative of what Ephemeral Dusk has to offer. A solid opening number. The next track “Moonlight” picks right up where the previous track left off. A great, deliberate guitar riff, is definitely at the heart of this song – all three really, and this is probably my favorite song on “Lonely Landscape” and at just over 9-minutes it’s also the longest. “Her Voice… a Memory” brings this demo to close and it is another highlight and it ends the CD on a great, melancholic note. Overall, the three songs contained on this demo are well done and well produced. Despite the fact that there are only three songs featured on “Lonely Landscape”, the songs clock in at 7-minutes, 9-minutes and 8-minutes long respectively. A cool offering from this Spanish band that should appeal to fans of the doom metal genre.

Rating – 75/100


  1. Lost by My Egoism
  2. Moonlight
  3. Her Voice… a Memory


Line Up

  • Silvia Marin – Vocals & Keyboards
  • Carlos Cuevas – Guitar & Choirs
  • Fede Gil – Guitar & Vocals
  • Aranzazu C.Y. – Bass
  • Angel M. – Drums




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