Eternal Dream – “The Seed of Naryll” EP (2009)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From Spain comes Eternal Dream. They play a classy brand of Symphonic, power metal with female operatic vocals provided by Ana Moronta. Their new 7-song 27-minute release is titled “The Seed of Naryll” and it is a concept album that is based on an original story by the band. Although the CD is a bit on the short side, it is still a worthwhile musical journey from a band who has a lot going for it.The over 3-minute long narrative piece gets things started and also sets up the story for the listener. Before the symphonic slant of “Symphony of Horizon” gets things really rolling. The first thing you’ll notice are the sweet and beautiful vocals of Ana Moronta as the rest of the band joins in – her vocals are quite diversified however and she can do more than just the operatic thing. Obviously for a band like Eternal Dream, the songs include a lot of keyboard and orchestral arrangements to them. “Sweet Wrath” picks right up where the previous song left off and provides a ton of atmosphere and virtuosity to the story that is being told and Ana‘s vocals really stand out here, a cool infectious guitar riff is also included here. “The Rising” is just a short musical interlude that provides a bridge to the next song “Frozen Salanthine”, a great heavy number that is among my favorites on this CD, the band really go for it here. “Waters of Reality” and the piano version of “The Rising” wraps things up quite nicely.The entire presentation on “The Seed of Naryll” is impressive. From the artwork, to the CD layout, the production and most importantly the songs, Eternal Dream have released a strong opus, that should hint at some great things to come for this Spanish band.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Angelus Perversa
  2. Symphony of Horizon
  3. Sweet Wrath
  4. The Rising
  5. Frozen Salanthine
  6. Waters of Reality
  7. The Rising (Piano Version)


Line Up

  • Ana Moronta – Vocals
  • Alejandro Rodrigues – Guitars
  • Niko Hartmann – Guitars
  • Cesar Rodriguez – Keyboards
  • Antonio Motta – Bass
  • Andy Montalbetti – Drums



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