Eternity Stands Still – “The Reckoning” EP (2010)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From Italy, Eternity Stands Still released their debut EP “The Reckoning” back in 2010. The band is quite adept at melodic power metal and you get 18-minutes worth of it on “The Reckoning”. As far as power metal goes there is really not much here to separate Eternity Stands Still from the crowded power metal field. But that is not to say that “The Reckoning” is not a worthwhile release. It absolutely is and is deserving of a spin or two. The EP begins with “The Reckoning” the opening to the song offers early era Queensryche style guitar harmonies and lead vocalist Vale has a soaring vocal style that is perfect for a power metal band and she pretty much sings in that style throughout the EP. Next is “The Pilgrim”, this is another song that is quite melodic, it more of a mid-tempo vibe than the previous one. “The Forsaken God”, “The Nameless City” and “The Light” round out the EP and doesn’t offer much departure from their signature power metal sound. I found myself going back and forth in my opinion of “The Reckoning“. It took a few listens, but I really grew to like “The Reckoning”, still I can’t help but feel that Eternity Stands Still are capable of so much more.

Rating – 77/100



  1. The Reckoning
  2. The Pilgrim
  3. The Forsaken God
  4. The Nameless City
  5. The Light


Line Up

  • Vale – Vocals
  • Richy25 – Guitar
  • Savage – Bass
  • Phulvio – Drums



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