Ethernity – “Quest of Forgiviness” EP (2008)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Ethernity is a female fronted power metal band from Belgium. There has been a positive buzz circulating around the Internet for a number of years and after listening to their new demo “Quest of Forgiveness” I am beginning to see what all the fuss is about. First let’s get into the introductions. The band line-up looks like this: Julie Colin (Vocals), Julien Spreutels (Keyboards), Nicolas Spreutels (Drums), Gregory Discenza (Lead Guitar), Francois Spreutels (Bass) and Thomas Henry (Guitar) rounds out the band. “Quest of Forgiveness” is a release that was made by the band using their own means and the band plans to re-record the songs for their next studio album, so not much focus should be spent on the production. Having said all that, the quality of the production is not bad at all and it takes absolutely nothing away from the songs and the strength of the material.The frenetic riff of “Shadows On the Wall” opens the CD. This is a high energy up-tempo song that is the perfect way to start the CD. When singer Julie Colin joins in the song really takes flight. Her voice soars and she has a great voice that is a perfect compliment to the classy metal that is being played. Add in the excellent guitar solo by Gregory Discenza and beautiful interplay between guitars and keyboards and you have a solid opening track. The next track “Alone” starts off slowly before settling into a nice mid-tempo number on the back of a rock solid guitar riff. Julie turns in another fine performance on the vocals as she proves that she can do more than just the classic wailing style of metal singing. She is a technically proficient singer that can do different styles. This is one of the songs that really stand out for me. I especially like the way the keyboards are used on this CD. They don’t overwhelm anything and they are perfect enhancements to the song. Keyboardist Julien Spreutels does a really great job. Next up is “Angels Are Calling”. This song begins with another powerful guitar riff and it is more of an up-tempo song than the previous track. It has a great chorus that you can imagine a packed hall full of fans singing along to. The back and forth between the guitar and keyboards make this another definite highlight. “Your Darkest Hour” is another change of pace for the band. Beginning with drums, bass and then the guitars and keyboards join in. It starts off as a slower number before speeding up a bit and just settling into a solid mid-tempo tune. The music and keyboards give this one an orchestral vibe. “Back to Life” keeps things well on track. The next song “New Horizon” is a beautiful mid-tempo number and another huge highlight for me. The next track is the classical influenced instrumental “Ex Dominatus Ad Liberatio”. It is a beautiful piece that sounds just so huge. “Quest Of Forgiveness” brings the CD to a close on a bombastic note, bringing things around full circle. A fine way to end things. To these ears Ethernity are a band that are on the verge of really making a name for themselves in the realm of power metal. Hopefully with the proper support and backing from a label, the band will make that happen. Ethernity are the type of band that I have been waiting for and from beginning to end “Quest of Forgiveness” is a solid release with beautiful melodies, cool guitar riffs, solos and strong vocals, I could go on and on, but ultimately it’s up to the listener and I am confident that the band will secure a size-able following once their next studio release is unleashed. I can’t wait to hear what they come up with next.

Rating: 90/100



  1. Shadows on the Wall
  2. Alone
  3. Angels Are Calling
  4. Your Darkest Hour
  5. Back to Life
  6. New Horizon
  7. Ex Dominatus ad Liberatio
  8. Quest of Forgiveness


Line Up

  • Julie Colin – Vocals
  • Gregory Discenza – Guitar
  • Thomas Henry – Guitar
  • Julien Spreutels – Keyboards
  • Francois Spreutels – Bass
  • Nicolas Spreutels – Drums



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