Eths – “III” (2012)


Label : Season of Mist

Review by Luisa Mercier

“III”, as the title says is the fourth studio album by Eths, French metalcore band (with multiple influences going from gothic to death metal). Maybe the modern metal definition is more suitable for them, it embraces all of their styles starting from the opener “Voragine”. In the first track and the second “Harmaguedon”, there is more melody than extreme metal and the vocals by Candice switch from growl to clean singing with no effort. “Adonai” is the first single and it is sung in English (at least in this version) and here things start to be a bit more extreme always paired with a lot of melody. Spoken part is very sexy. “Gravis Venter” is another catchy song where melodic vocals are to be sung-along and the result is quite interesting, with a symphonic ending. Same for “Inanis Venter” where harsh vocals juxtaposed to clean ones appear. In “Sidus” some black/death metal hints show up with keyboards and symphonic elements, while “Proserpina” has some electronic melodies. You understand that they have a lot of styles they draw from and “Proserpina” is just another sound example. There is no risk getting bored listening to them. Again violence in “Hercolubus” while closing track “Anatemnein” is haunting with a touch of growling. So, if you like metal with so many influences, female vocals or maybe you just like Eths, you will love this record!

Rating – 75/100



  1. Voragine
  2.  Harmaguedon
  3.  Adonaï
  4.  Gravis Venter
  5.  Inanis Venter
  6.  Sidus
  7.  Proserpina
  8.  Hercolubus
  9.  Praedator
  10.  Anatemnein 


Line Up

  • Candice Clot – Vocals
  • Stéphane “Staif” Bihl – Guitars, Sample
  • Grégory “Greg” Rouvière – Guitar
  • Guillaume “Yom” Dupré – Bass
  • Damien Rivoal – Drums 



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