Eths – “Sôma” (2004)


Label : Season of Mist 

Review by Luisa Mercier

The death-metalcore French band Eths has recently released their fourth effort, which I highly enjoyed, and in the meanwhile has also re-released their debut album with the addition of four demo tracks. I have to say that even if it is the debut, the record still sounds fresh, the vocals by Candice are still brutal and the bass is powerful. Back in those days, the band was less melodic than now (in “III” you can even find some symphonic elements and more clean vocals) and drew most of its inspiration from nu-metal scene, especially Korn with the addition of extreme metal, death and thrash above all. Candice is an impressive vocalist, she is so sweet in appearance, but able to deliver harsh vocals, melodic vocals in the same song. Compared to the last album, this one maybe it is a little less varied, the tracks are very similar among them, but still is a solid album. The demo tracks in the end are a mere curiosity, that lovers of the band will love for sure, as the fans always appreciate this kind of initiatives. I can only warn that “Soma” is very long, sixteen tracks, so it may result hard to understand completely at first listen, but if you love real metalcore, you cannot miss this album.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Méléna
  2. Crucifère
  3. Détruis moi
  4. Septum lucidum
  5. Le fruit des anges
  6. Infini
  7. Rutsah
  8. Je vous hais
  9. L’instant sourd
  10. Simiesque
  11. Ailleurs c’est ici
  12. Elle s’endort
  13. Crucifère (demo)
  14. Détruis moi (demo)
  15. AlepH (demo)
  16. Je vous hais (demo)


Line Up

  • Candice Clot – Vocals
  • Stéphane “Staif” Bihl – Guitars, Programming
  • Grégory “Greg” Rouvière – Guitar
  • Marc “Roswell” Burghoffer – Bass
  • Guillaume “Yom” Dupré – Drums  



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