Evenpath – “IX5VI2” EP (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From France, the symphonic power metal band Evenpath features the powerful vocals of Sarah Liodenot. Their debut EP is out now and goes by the interesting title, “IX5VI2” and is 4-songs and lasts approximately 18-minutes. The prog-metal style of “Glory” gets us started. This song keeps a steady tempo with lead vocalist Sarah doing a stellar job, in combination with the intricate song arrangements and tempo changes. Sarah can sing in an operatic style but also manages to bring it down to more of a clean, soaring power metal vocal, so I don’t think she can necessarily be classified as an operatic vocalist, but she can definitely go there if the song calls for it. The next song “Mess’anger” has a slower, yet still quite a heavy tempo and a killer melody, with Sarah singing mostly in an operatic style on this one. The third track “The Nightmare” Sarah goes with a raspier and a straight-forward metal style, which complements the heaviness of the song. Her vocals are quite diverse and it is really one of the highlights of “IX5VI2”. The final song “Haven” is another straight-forward all out power metal assault and one hell of a way to end the EP. “IX5V2” is nothing that hasn’t been heard before, but the presentation and songs are put together very well and it makes this EP worth owning for fans of the genre. I can definitely recommend Evenpath, and it should be interesting to see where they go from here.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Glory
  2. Mess’anger
  3. The Nightmare
  4. Haven


Line Up

  • Sarah Liodenot – Vocals
  • Quentin Belverge – Guitars
  • Nicolas Deplanche – Keys
  • Kevin Montoya – Bass
  • Alexis – Drums 



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