Evil Rise – “…In War and Hate” (2011)


Label : Evil Mind Records

Review by Tony Cannella

One of the most endearing traits (in my opinion) that Spain’s Evil Rise possesses is their penchant for delivering some top-notch old school metal music. No “modern metal” for these guys and girls, not at all, and that’s not a bad thing. On their debut album “…In War and Hate” they wear their metal hearts on their sleeves and the results are, well, gloriously metal. Being that this is a self financed independent release, the sound is a bit rough around the edges, but that is okay, it only gives “…In War and Hate” a more raw, old school metal sound, further adding to the charm. The opening “Intro (to the Battle)” segues perfectly into the crunchy riff-o-rama and thrash like intensity of “In War and Hate”. “Red Sun” is up next and starts off with a softer tempo before the guitars come crashing into the fray and transforms this excellent track into a grinding, heavy tune – that guitar riff is just massive. You cannot deny the vocalist Sarah Evil either. Technically she is not a great singer, but for the old school style metal that her band is playing behind her, she is just amazing. The thrashy “Metal Seeds” and “At the House of Pain” are two other highlights. The album lags a bit for a few songs before the 8-minute metal tour de force “Evil Dies” ends the album perfectly. This is just a great way to close things out with epic performances all the way around, the song also features a killer guitar solo by Oscar G. that is pure metal. “…In War and Hate” is not the perfect album by any stretch of the imagination, and Evil Rise has plenty of room to grow. That being said, I really can’t criticize Evil Rise, they do what they love and they pull it off in convincing fashion.

Rating – 82/100



  1. Intro (to the Battle)
  2. In War and Hate
  3. Red Sun
  4. Metal Seeds
  5. My Hope
  6. At the House of Pain
  7. Run or Walk
  8. Evil Rise
  9. Evil Dies


Line Up

  • Sarah Evil – Vocals
  • Oscar G. – Guitars
  • Nuria – Bass
  • Koko – Drums



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