Evolvent – “Spiritual Confession” EP (2008)


Label : Alien Productions

Review by Luisa Mercier

From France, another little masterpiece of gothic-doom has landed on my desk. Evolvent‘s “Spiritual Confession” was released back in 2008 and soon it obtained a very good response from media, they even released a video for the title-track in 2009. On the present album, the female singer is Céline de Kerliviou, but in the meanwhile Johanna Manto replaced her. “The Canticle of the Shade” which opens the EP is a painful hymn of agony: the guitars flow with their doomish pace while keyboards and synth paint a gloomy landscape. On top of them, male aggressive vocals entertwine with sweet, angelic female vocals. Strings, keyboards and the usual tuned-down guitars introduce “Engraved on the Tomb”. Towards the half Céline appears and the track clearly recalled me Draconian early releases and their majestic, solemn atmosphere. Definitely more doom than gothic is “My Mystic Storm” where Céline amazes us all with a magnificent solo perfotmance towards the end of the track. Perfect song for grey, gloomy wheather outside. The title-track is quite short, but really moving. Relying more on a neoclassical style, it is a sort of interlude in which Céline sings in a very operatic way. Fascinating and enchanting, really. Last track is a 15-minutes song, “The March of Death”, goes back to gothic-doom. It ranges from more metal to more atmospheric moments, but I have to say that there is not a great variety, even though being so long. The piano outro is sweet and calming. Really, a treasure most doomsters don’t want to lose!

Rating – 75/100



  1. The Canticle of the Shade
  2. Engraved of the Tomb
  3. My Mystic Storm
  4. Spiritual Confession
  5. The March of Death 


Line Up

  • Celine De Kerliviou – Lead Vocals
  • Yann Zilliox – Death Vocals & Lyrics
  • Sebastien Latour – Keyboards
  • Alan Raoul – Bass 
  • Sylvain Begot – Drums & Guitar


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