Exilia – “Naked” (2010)


Label : My Place Records/Soulfood

Review By Tony Cannella

The new release from Italy’s Exilia certainly showcases a quieter more sensitive side to this normally heavy and aggressive band. On “Naked” the band shows off their acoustic style. After a brief (and I do mean brief) 9-second intro, the band kicks off with “Coincidence”. Immediately, vocalist Masha Mysmane proves she is up to the task, as she showcases her raspy delivery. Overall, “Naked” features 7-songs and just over 20-minutes worth of music. The band is at their best on “No Colors” and “My Own Army”. The final track “No Tears For You” is the lone electric track and just a fantastic way to end things. If you thought that Exilia can only scream and play pounding metal music, than wait till you get a load of “Naked”. This CD is definitely, the band stripped down and basic. It is actually a nice change of pace that should hold their fan base over until the band releases their next album.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Intro
  2. Coincidence
  3. Stop Playing God
  4. Fly High Butterfly
  5. No Colors
  6. My Own Army
  7. No Tears for You

Line Up

  • Masha Mysmane – Vocals
  • Elio Alien – Guitars
  • Marco Valerio – Bass
  • Ale Lera – Drums



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