Exoterik – “Butterfly in Your Hand” (2009)


Label: Holier Than Thou Records

Review By Tony Cannella

Exoterik are a band from Leeds in the U.K. and have previously released their full-length debut in 2008 titled, “Don’t Swallow”. Now the band returns with their sophomore effort titled “Butterfly in Your Hand”. What you get on this collection of songs is Exoterik‘s brand of female fronted Hard Rock and Metal with the best qualities of Alternative music thrown in as well. This four member band is fronted by Anneka Latta and their second release features 10-songs and about 35-minutes worth of accessible and well written music that should please fans who like their music melodic, but not overly poppy or commercial. There is still plenty of bite and substance in these songs and even though this is only their second release, Exoterik shows off a professionalism beyond their years.There is a lot to like about this CD, so starting at the beginning, “Reason to Live” is a good way to start things, with it’s rock solid rumbling guitar riff provided by Tom Fay the keyboards come in (which are also played by Anneka Latta). This opening track has a great, catchy melody to it and is one of the highlights. The next track “No Happy Ending” is a great follow up track to the opener and is another fantastic melodic rock track. Other highlights include: “Scream to Be Heard”, “Start Again”, “Reason in Ruins” and in my opinion the best track is the heartfelt half ballad titled “Uninvited”. The song starts out as an acoustic ballad – featuring Anneka‘s best vocals, in my opinion – but by the midway point of the track, the band comes in really gives this song a shot of adrenalin. Just an awesome song that has the capability of being a hugely successful song. The final track “Butterfly in Your Hand” is a great way to end things and I love the way the band uses keyboards throughout the CD. When all is said and done, “Butterfly in Your Hand” is a steady melodic hard rock/metal release and pretty consistent. If you like music in the vein of Evanescence, Lacuna Coil and bands of that ilk, than you should LOVE Exoterik. Of course, all music is a subjective thing, so listeners may hear different similarities and influences within the music, but the fact remains that Exoterik have recorded an album that is good enough to stand on it’s own merits. This comes highly recommended.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Reason to Live
  2. No Happy Ending
  3. Scream To Be Heard
  4. Pressure
  5. Breakdown
  6. Start Again (Part One)
  7. Start Again
  8. Reason in Ruins
  9. Uninvited
  10. Butterfly in Your Hand


Line Up

  • Anneka Latta – Vocals & Keyboards
  • Tom Fay – Guitars
  • Darren Townes – Bass
  • Stephen Riley – Drums



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