Faces of March – “Confessions” (2008)


Label : Kurfew Records/Ravenheart Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Faces of March are a modern rock band from Miami, Florida. On their debut album “Confessions”, the band showcases their brand of accessible and – at times – haunting hard rock. The vocalist Gia has a powerful voice and is able to convey an array of emotions with her style. “Confessions” gets off to a quick start with “Not Enough”, “Drowning” and “Broken” making an immediate impact. After the first three hard rocking songs, Faces of March slow things down a bit with the piano ballad, “Too Late” before the song evolves into a big symphonic piece. Other highlights include: “Who’s To Blame”, “Turn Around”, “Maybe” and album closer, “Wanna Be”. The potential accessibility of “Confessions” is undeniable. I would not be surprised to hear some of these songs on the radio in a few months time. That is not to say that the songs are shallow, to the contrary there is enough depth to the songs to please even the most jaded rock fans. Overall “Confessions” is a pretty good debut. The CD features some cool musicianship and personal lyrical subject matter. This one should appeal to fans of Evanescence and Paramore.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Not Enough
  2. Drowning
  3. Broken
  4. Too Late
  5. Who’s to Blame
  6. Turn Around
  7. Nothing
  8. Maybe Alone
  9. Wanna Be


Line Up

  • Gia – Vocals
  • Joe – Guitars
  • Marcelo – Bass 
  • Eli – Drums  



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