Factory of Dreams – “A Strange Utopia” (2009)


Label: ProgRock Records/SPV

Review By Tony Cannella

Out of Portugal comes Factory of Dreams the new project featuring Hugo Flores and Jessica Lehto. Their just released the second album “A Strange Utopia” is an epic journey that should come as a revelation to fans of the prog rock/metal genre. “A Strange Utopia” contains quite a bit of music. In all 14-songs are featured (including 2 bonus tracks) and close to 70-minutes of music. The songs are quite diversified and should please musicians and non-musicians alike. The vocals of Jessica Lehto gives the songs a dramatic element that is a perfect compliment to Hugo Flores‘ music which is also dramatic in nature.“Voyage to Utopia”is a very good opener, that creates a definite aura as the journey begins, and man what a journey this band has in store.“Weight of the World”is next and early on this is my favorite track, it features a killer melody and a solid, passionate vocal performance that really pushes this song over the top.“Inner Station”is next and includes some truly beautiful violin. Other highlights are: “Sonic Sensations”,“Dark Utopia” and the 9-minute epic “E-Motions”. The thing that is quite impressive about this CD is the diversity of the songs, it’s true while Factory of Dreams are grounded firmly in prog, there are also some goth and electronic elements as well. Whether you like “A Strange Utopia or don’t (and I realize this will be a acquired taste for some) it is rarely boring or dismissive. “A Strange Utopia” has all of the pomp and circumstance that most good prog requires. The songs are quite impressive and Jessica Lehto is an exciting new talent who really chips in to help create a memorable opus.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Voyage to Utopia
  2. The Weight of the World
  3. Inner Station
  4. Sonic Sensations
  5. The Road Around Saturn
  6. Garden of All Seasons
  7. Dark Utopia
  8. Vacation in Venus
  9. Chaotic Order
  10. Slow Motion World
  11. Destructible Destruction
  12. E-Motions
  13. Broken (Bonus Track)
  14. The Weight of the World (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)


Line Up

  • Jessica Lehto –  Lead Vocals, Harmonies, Vocal Arrangements
  • Hugo Flores – Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, Bass Synthesizer, Synthesizers, Drums



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