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Review by Tony Cannella

Symphonic Power Metal with duel male/female vocals is not a new concept. Talk about stating the obvious. This metal sub-genre has become increasingly crowded over the years and the fact remains that there are many good, quality bands that are only too eager to show off their Symphonic Metal chops. That brings me to Greece’s Fallen Arise and their debut 5-track EP, “Eternal”. The band has only been together since 2009, but in such a short amount of time they have laid the foundation for something potentially awesome on their debut. The narrative “Intro” begins things and segues into “My Fall”. This is a really solid opener that showcases the operatic vocals of Evelyn and the classic metal approach of the male singer Jon. The next track “Eternal Sins” is nothing short of breathtaking. This is just a great big melodic track, with plenty of symphony elements. There is also some great give-and-take between the two vocalists and a pretty impressive guitar solo. In fact, I would have to choose this as my favorite track and one that I immediately went back to again and again. “Never Forget Me” is up next and is a wonderfully melancholic piano rich ballad. Evelyn is allowed to shine on this track and does a fantastic job. Fallen Arise gets back to what they do best on the final track “Heavens Away” which has a bouncy up-tempo style with a great chorus that ends things on a high note. Even though “Eternal” is only about 20-minutes long and given the short amount of time that Fallen Arise has been in existence, “Eternal” is certainly worthy of high praise. I especially liked the fact that the band did not adhere to the tried-and-true formula of pairing an angelic female voice with the typical male death grunt style, instead opting for two technically proficient singers who work well together.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Intro
  2. My Fall
  3. Eternal Sins
  4. Never Forget Me
  5. Heavens Away


Line Up

  • Evelyn – Vocals
  • Jon – Vocals
  • Frangiskos – Guitars
  • Gus – Keyboards
  • Maria – Bass
  • Thanos – Drums



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