Fateless Tears – “Dawn’s Oblivion” SINGLE (2011)


Label : BlueFreya Media

Review by Luisa Mercier

Fateless Tears just released their new single, “Dawn’s Oblivion” and here we are with this short 3-track EP .The title track showcases the band characteristics: prog metal with heavy riffs, catchy melodies and S. Lee Baysinger vocals on top of them. “Stasis” is an acoustic version of the song, which features calm guitars and keyboards and smooth female and male vocals soar through the music. Everything is so sweet. Last track, “Standing Still”, is a ballad, short but effective. Above all, it is fascinating how the the lead vocals and the backing vocals merge in an emotional mix. Given this preview, the full-length will be one not to be missed!

Rating – 70/100



  1. Dawn’s Oblivion
  2. Standing Still
  3. Stasis (unplugged)


Line Up

  • S. Lee Baysinger – Vocals
  • Richard Baysinger – Guitars, Drums, Synth & Backing Vocals



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