Fateless Tears – “Hear, What You’ve Been Missing” (2010)


Label : BlueFreya Media 

Review by Tony Cannella

New Mexico’s female fronted Gothic Progressive Metal duo Fateless Tears has been plying their trade since 2005. In the span of 5-years Fateless Tears has managed to release four albums. For fans who may be new to Fateless Tears, the band has just issued an 8-song retrospective CD titled “Hear, What You’ve Been Missing”. “Hear, What You’ve Been Missing” begins with the one new song included on this collection. “Primary” is a pretty good track to start things, it is centered around a infectious riff and a killer melody. After that it’s a stroll down memory lane as each album is represented. “Cages” from “My Doom Box” is one of the stronger tracks, as Fateless Tears display their knack for writing a powerful, melodic tune. “Inner Sanctum” from “NightBorn” is next and is a solid ballad that gives the listener a change of pace. “Flicker” and “Cycles” both from the last Fateless Tears album “The Chaise” are up next, “Flicker” in particular, is a huge favorite and one of the very best songs this collection has to offer. Other highlights include: “My Endarkened Self”, “Mesmerized” (both from “My Doom Box”) and the closer “Adagio” from The Demise of Gideon”. At only 37-minutes long “Hear, What You’ve Been Missing” is a brief retrospective look into the career (so far) of this talented duo.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Primary
  2. Cages
  3. Inner Sanctum
  4. Flicker
  5. Cycles
  6. My Endarkened Self
  7. Mesmerized
  8. Adagio


Line Up 

  • S. Lee Baysinger – Vocals
  • Richard J. Baysinger – Vocals & Instruments
  • Paul Evans – Lead Guitars (Guest Member)
  • Chris Riggins – Melody Guitar on “Adagio” & backing vocals



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