Fateless Tears – “The Chaise” (2009)


Label: RMS Records

Review By Tony Cannella

Fateless Tears are comprised of three very talented musicians from New Mexico. They play a mix of dark Gothic metal combined with doom and progressive metal, it is these styles that makes up their new release “The Chaise”. The band have already released four previous albums with “The Chaise” being their fifth. Fans who may have heard the excellent first Femme Metal compilation “Ferocity and Femininity” have already gotten a taste of the band with inclusion of the Fateless Tears track “Mesmerized” from their 2008 CD “My Doom Box”“The Chaise” contains 9-songs and over 50-minutes worth of heavy and doomy metal. The music goes hand-in-hand with the material, so don’t expect anything too happy here. The vocals of S. Leeare certainly quite impressive, her style is almost like a heavy metal Shirley Manson and it compliments the music quite well… and it is the music that really comes shining through. Some of the biggest highlights for me were: the great opener “Flicker”, “Virulent” and the over 10-minute “Halogen Dawn”.In reviewing this CD, I was surprised to see that they have such an extensive back catalog. I had previously only been familiar with them on the Femme Metal comp., but “The Chaise” is a release from a band that is worth exploring, especially if you’re really into the heavy, doomy stuff.

Rating – 77/100



  1. Flicker
  2. Halogen Dawn 2
  3. Virulent
  4. Harbinger
  5. Firestorm
  6. Cycles
  7. Halogen Dawn EM
  8. Tapestry
  9. Flicker (Single Edit)

Line Up

  • S. Lee Baysinger- Vocals
  • Paul Evans- Lead Guitar
  • Richard Baysinger- Lead, rhythm guitars, Bass, Drums, Synths & Vocals



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