Fenrir – “Frozen Flowers” EP (2009)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella

Fenrir are a Celtic influenced Folk-Metal band from France. In 2007 they released their debut effort, “Whispers of the Old World” and now they have just issued their new EP titled, “Frozen Flowers”. In addition to their Celtic Folk-Metal leanings the band also manage to incorporate healthy doses of guitar driven power metal. It all makes up a wonderful mix of that is very enjoyable throughout the 25-minute playing time. “The Wanderer” kicks things off and it is a solid opener, with a heavy guitar riff and the operatic feel of vocalist Elsa. Of the five songs that are present on the disc that I have here, this is one of the more straight-forward numbers and is also one of the best. It is always cool to hear a band incorporate such instruments as violin with heavy music and when it is done well, it is a real bonus – Fenrir do it very well. “Frozen Ocean” is next and is one the heavier songs and once again the violin plays a prominent role in the music that is being performed as it does throughout the CD. The third track “The White Deer” starts off as a slower melancholic track with the violins adding a mournful quality to the song, the song also features it’s heavy moments. The interplay between the violins and guitars is impressive and well done. The final two songs, “Metal Jig” (a cool instrumental) and the “Dawn of God” bring “Frozen Flowers” to a close on the right note.“Frozen Flowers” is a cool collection of songs that should appeal to fans of Within Temptation, Blackmore’s Night and Skyclad. I wouldn’t mind hearing more music from Fenrir – hopefully a full-length is in the near future from this band.

Rating – 75/100



  1. The Wanderer
  2. Frozen Ocean
  3. The White Deer
  4. Metal Jig
  5. Dawn of God


Line Up 

  • Elsa Thouvenot – Vocals & Violin
  • Sylvère Jandel – Lead Guitar  
  • Fabien Korbyrlaz – Guitar
  • Sophie Luporsi – Violin
  • Matthieu Quignard – Viola
  • Martin Locret – Bass
  • Quentin Francois – Drums



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