Fiona – “Unbroken” (2011)


Label Life on the Moon Records/Cargo Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Talk about a long break between albums. It has been 19-years since Fiona Flanagan released her last album “Squeeze”. Now she returns with a brand new album “Unbroken”. This one kind of took me by surprise since I had no idea that she was planning a comeback, but it was a pleasant surprise at that. As soon as the first track, “Loved Along the Way”, kicks in, it’s like an old friend has returned and it is the perfect track to announce to the world that she’s back. The song has all of the great qualities that represented Fiona in the 80s. Tons of melody, a gritty hard rock guitar riff, a memorable chorus and just a kick ass vibe. This is just the type of hard rock music you just don’t find that much anymore, which is a shame. The second track “Broken” is possibly even better than the first, with Fiona’s raspy vocals and another rock solid guitar riff. “Unbroken” includes a cover of the Pat Benatar song “Shadows of the Night” which was very well done and definitely lived up to the greatness of the original. “This Heart” is a great ballad that features a duet between Fiona and Robin Beck and it became a huge highlight. “Unbroken” closes with the emotional “Everything You Are”. Other highlights include: “I’ve Released You”, “Wild One”, “Salt On My Wings” and “I Love You but Shut Up”. This is just energetic, fun, hard rock music, and it doesn’t try to be something it’s not. The thing that I really liked about “Unbroken” was that this is most definitely a Fiona album. This is not Fiona playing what is trendy or the big thing of the moment, this is Fiona as her fans remember her, she is not going after the trendy fan base, it is most definitely for her fans. After listening to “Unbroken” it is a welcome return to form for one of the most criminally underrated artists of the 80s.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Loved Along the Way
  2. Broken
  3. I’ve Released You
  4. Shadows of the Night
  5. Badge of Love
  6. Wild One
  7. This Heart
  8. Get Yer Kix
  9. Salt On My Wings
  10. I Love You but Shut Up
  11. Everything You Are 


Line Up

  • Fiona Flanagan – Vocals
  • Robin Beck – Duet Vocalist & Background Vocals
  • Tommy Denander – Guitar
  • Bobby Messano – Guitar
  • Jeff Batter – Keyboards
  • James Christian – Bass & Background Vocals
  • James Jamal – Drums




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