Fire and Forget – “Operation Freedom” (2011)


Label : Serbest

Review by Luisa Mercier

Fire and Forget is a Turkish band and the content of their death/thrash metal is heavily influenced by politics. “Operation Freedom” is a concept album and it is based on the Iraq vs USA war. The record was written from the point of view of Elif, an 8-year old girl living in Iraq. The first track “Good Morning Baghdad” is a kind of an intro, where Oriental music is mingled with the noise of shootings, voices and then the guitars kick in, aggressive and violent. In this first track we get a taste of Hande‘s vocals. Though woman, her voice is harsh, growling, perfect to express the anger. In the second track “Deadly Alliance”, the family of the girl is closed in the cellar of their house to find shelter from the war while the father leaves to join resistance. The song is typically thrash, fast and heavy. The title track is inspired by the name Bush gave to the Operation which should have granted democracy and freedom to Iraqi people. It is like a very, very fast race, there is no rest among the guitar riffs and the drums, no melody “El-Harb” talks about the Iraqi resistance and how religion can become the only shelter for people. Musically there is not a great change, it is similar to the previous song, but I guess it is necessary for a concept album. In “Home Bloody Home”, the kid’s mother is killed in front of her, while she is hiding under the bed. Metal becomes even more violent in this song, definetely more death than thrash. A little bit of Oriental melody at the beginning of “Tormented” which tells of the rape of Elif’s sister by US soldiers who after, kills her. The short “Hide and Seek” is a brutal metal assault, in which the girl escapes her hous only to find that also his father is dead. In the last track “Foregone”, Elif starts to mutiny because of all the bad things that happened to her. War has destroyed her family so she decided to starts her own personal battle… The album is only for people who really love extreme metal, since there is not absolutely any hint of melody in it,the concept itself is very violent and the music suits it well.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Good Morning Baghdad
  2. Deadly Alliance
  3. Operation Freedom
  4. El-Harb
  5. Home Bloody Home
  6. Tormented
  7. Hide And Seek
  8. Foregone


Line Up

  • Hande Sepetoglu – Vocals
  • Togay Çalikoglu – Guitars
  • Yagizhan Eylik – Guitars
  • Tayfun Deniz – Bass Guitar
  • Mehmet Akçay – Drums



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