Firestorm – Demo (2010)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella

Russia’s Firestorm play pure, true Heavy Metal, plain and simple, and that is exactly what you’ll get on their new 3-song demo. The songs are well played, intense slices of Heavy Metal that really invokes memories of such classic metal bands as early Warlock, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Firestorm are a great new band who are proud to wear their love of metal on their sleeves, while still offering something that sounds great and fresh in 2010. The mid-tempo, heaviness of opener “The Hidden Trap” gets things rolling, and although I was never familiar with the band before, it only took a few seconds of listening to the opening track to really grab my attention. As good as the first track was, it is really the second one, “Back to Myself” that really steals the show here. The song features a cool opening riff and the band ups the tempo a bit. “Back To Myself” also features some blazingly intense, Iron Maiden-like guitar work from the formidable duo of Eugene and Yuri, just a great track that quickly became a favorite. “Nevertaken” brings this – all too short (only 15-minutes) – demo to close, but there is no denying the promise that this band displays. Lead vocalist Gala boasts a strong, heavily accented vocal style (à la Doro in the “Burning The Witches”/“Hellbound” days), that is still crystal clear and definitely a strong point for Firestorm.This is metal the way it used to be. I get the same feeling listening to this 3-song demo as I did when I first heard the early Warlock demos many years ago. This band is sure to appeal to fans of Crystal Viper, the previously mentioned bands, or if you just love classic metal in general. Just a cool release that reminds me why I got into metal in the first place.

Rating – 90/100



  1. The Hidden Trap
  2. Back to Myself
  3. Nevertaken


Line Up

  • Gala Grigoryeva – Vocals
  • Eugene Age – Lead Guitar
  • Yuriy Laptur – Lead Guitar
  • Andrey Pyadyshev – Bass
  • Alexander Bolodurin – Drums



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