Folkearth – “Viking’s Anthem” (2010)


Label : Stygian Crypt Productions

Review by Tony Cannella

Folkearth is a revolving line-up of musicians from around the globe. The project got off the ground in 2004 and released their debut “A Nordic Poem” that same year and has continued to release albums every year since then. Their newest effort is titled “A Viking’s Anthem” and once again sees Folkearth gaining contributions from a wide range, and rather long list of musicians. Epic, Viking Folk Metal is the main inspiration that can be heard throughout this 11-song, 50-minute opus, which gets started with a bang from the outset of the opening track “Beasts from the Blizzard”. This is a fast paced, galloping track that definitely sets the pace for “Viking’s Anthem”. The main vocalist is the male who has a rough, extreme style and some nice clean female vocals pop up here and there to contrast with the male vocalist. “Ragnarok” is next and has an almost old school power metal feel to it, until the vocals come in, that is. In fact, while Folkearth is generally thought to be a Folk-Metal band, I hear a very European power metal influence musically to go along with the violins, Cellos, Tin Whistles and other Folk-ish instruments. “There Is No Death” is just a fiercely, relentless heavy song that really builds up the momentum. Other highlights include: “The Eternal City”, “To Avalon”, “The Conquering Nightmare” and “Legacy of Steel”. The Folk-Metal genre seems to be gaining a lot of steam over the past few years. For fans that can’t get enough, “Viking’s Anthem” by Folkearth will surely be a welcomed addition to their CD collection.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Beasts from the Blizzard
  2. Ragnarok
  3. There Is No Death
  4. The Eternal City
  5. Viking’s Anthem
  6. To Avalon
  7. A New Day Is Rising
  8. Warrior Code
  9. The Conquering Nightmare
  10. Set Sails to Conquer!
  11. Legacy of Steel

Line Up

  • Marios Koutsoukos – Vocals, Keyboards
  • Anaïs – Female Vocals
  • Simon Batley – Vocals
  • Münggu Beyeler – Vocals, Swiss Whistle
  • Michaël Fiori (Saga) – Guitars, Bass, Vocals
  • Simon Müller – Guitars, Bass, Tin Whistle, Flute 
  • Matthew Bell – Guitars
  • Loki – Guitars, Keyboards
  • Nostarion – Cello
  • Florian Busch – Violin
  • Polydeykis – Piano, Accordian, Guitars, Flute
  • Dennis Schwachhofer – Drums
  • Kyle Freese – Drums



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