Folkodia – “Forgotten Lore” (2011)


Label : Stygian Crypt Productions

Review by Tony Cannella

The Viking Folk Metal band Folkodia is a conglomeration of several different projects all coming together to form Folkodia. The band was formed in 2007 and the current line-up features 12 members from 8 different countries. On their 3rd album “Forgotten Lore”, Folkodia has released an album of acoustic versions of some songs that originally appeared on their first two albums. The vibe behind “Forgotten Lore” is more Folk than Metal, in fact there is no metal to be found anywhere on “Forgotten Lore”, it is just straight up acoustic Folk music with songs about Vikings and Elves. “Forgotten Lore” starts off strong with “Ancient Forest of Elves”. This is my favorite song and right away the listener is treated to the interplay between the male and female vocals that dominates the album. The male vocalist has a deep voice and the female vocalists also offer a lot to the songs. The mournful “Bound For Vahalla” is next and quickly became another highlight. Other highlights that makes up the 47-minute disc include: “Winter Night” (strong vocal performances all around on this one), “The Fierce Kiss of Death”, “Thus A Viking Dies” and “The Immortals of Thul”. Having never heard Folkodia before, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and the uniqueness presented on “Forgotten Lore”. Sure, it may not be Metal but it offers a pretty cool change of pace from the normal Folk Metal fare. 

Rating – 84/100



  1. Ancient Forest of Elves
  2. Bound for Valhalla
  3. The Capitulation of Vercingetorex
  4. The Fierce Kiss of Death
  5. Honored Are the Fallen
  6. Winter Night
  7. Thus A Viking Dies
  8. The Immortals of Thul
  9. Sword in Hand
  10. The Lone Warrior
  11. The Capitulation of Vercingerorex II


Line Up

  • Metfolvik (Ruslanas) – Vocals, Tin whistle
  • Hildr Valkyrie – Vocals
  • Elio D’Alessandro – Vocals
  • Anais – Vocals
  • Simon Müller – Guitars, Acoustic guitars, Bass, Flute, Tin whistle
  • Loki – Drum programming, Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Münggu Beyeler – Deger pipe, Ewi flute, Vocals
  • Eleanor Lucas – Violin
  • Saga – Guitar, Bass, Vocals
  • Matthew Bell – Guitars, Acoustic guitars, Mandolin, Nylon string guitars, Lute, Bass
  • Mara Davis – Flute
  • Blackheart Nostarion – Cello
  • Rhode Rachel – Vocals, Jaw Harp, Tin Whistle, Bass
  • Billy Knockenhauer – Guitar



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