For Selena and Sin – “Primrose Path” (2009)


Label: Mascot Records

Review By Tony Cannella

For Selena and Sin hail from Finland and they play melodic metal with elements of Gothic and Pop thrown in as well. Their second album is titled “Primrose Path” and has just been released via Mascot Records. I’ve said it before that reviewing CDs such as this is a great opportunity for me to be exposed to bands and music that I normally would never get a chance to hear, For Selena and Sin are a great example of this. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? The whole opus is kicked off with the infectiously catchy opening tune “Countdown to the Stars”. Musically the band is top notch and the vocals off Annika Jalkanen are rock solid. The third track “Rusty Rails of Yesterday”, probably would rate as my favorite track of the twelve that are presented here. The entire CD is pretty consistent, as can be evidenced by these great songs: “Bring Me the Sun”,“Colour My World” and “Psycho Lover”. Probably the biggest surprise here is the bands cover version of the Kylie Minogue song “Confide in Me”.This is a cool cover version that fits in quite well with the rest of the material on “Primrose Path”. The CD ends with a couple of bonus tracks, “Five Days in a Row” and “Sister Sunset”are two songs that definitely end things on a high.“Primrose Path” is 12-songs and over 50-minutes worth of some beautifully crafted melodic metal songs. Even though this is their second release, For Selena and Sin is still quite new to many of us and “Primrose Path” is a great introduction to this Finnish band.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Countdown to the Stars
  2. Bring Me the Sun
  3. Rusty Rails of Yesterday
  4. Horst
  5. Confide in Me
  6. Broken Mirror
  7. Colour My World
  8. Psycho Lover
  9. Don’t Touchthe Sky
  10. Summer Hill
  11. Five Days in a Row (Bonus Track)
  12. Sister Sunset (Bonus Track)


Line Up

  • Annika Jalkanen – Vocals
  • Martti Pohjosaho – Guitars
  • Pasi Kolari – Guitars
  • Teemu Oksanen – Keyboards
  • Teemu Turkia – Bass 
  • Kuha Sillanmäki – Drums 




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