Forever’s Edge – “Chaotic Silence” (2010)


Label : Nightmare Records

Review By Tony Cannella

Forever’s Edge is power/progressive metal band from New York. They are not a Female fronted band, but they are joined on several songs by New York based vocalist Sharon MacPherson on their debut “Chaotic Silence”, which is out now via Nightmare records. Sharon MacPherson makes her first appearance on the 4th track, “Divide In I” lending her multi faceted singing style to the track, while performing a duet with Forever’s Edge vocalist Clay Barton. This is one of the more symphonic tracks and definitely a highlight. Sharon also can be heard on the songs “Damnation – We Rise”, “The Epiphany of Music” and “Closed Eyes”. Aside from the excellent contributions by Sharon MacPherson, there is a lot to like about Forever’s Edge. The songs are well written, with plenty intricate arrangements.“Damnation – We Rise” is another highlight. This track is about 7 ½ minutes long and probably one of the heavier tracks. The music performed by Forever’s Edge on “Chaotic Silence” is very appealing and quite interesting. This is a band that has a lot of talent and fans of Dream Theater, Evergrey and Sonata Arctica should love Forever’s Edge.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Our Hopes, Our Dreams
  2. Everlost
  3. Demon’s Creation
  4. Divide In I
  5. In the Dark
  6. Mourning Star
  7. Damnation – We Rise
  8. The Epiphany of Music
  9. Endlessly
  10. Closed Eyes

Line Up

  • Sharon MacPherson – Female Vocals (Session)
  • Clay Barton – Vocals
  • Salvatore Pisano – Guitars
  • Mike Khalilov – Keyboards
  • Andrew Distabile – Bass
  • Frank Godla – Drums



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