Frosted Leaves – “Bleak Autumn” DEMO (2010)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella 

From Tehran, Iran of all places comes the operatic, symphonic metal band Frosted Leaves.  The debut demo is titled “Bleak Autumn”. The opener “Still She Cries” is the perfect calling card for Frosted Leaves. The female operatic vocals of Flora Savant are quite dominant and front-and-center throughout the 4-songs presented here. The quality of both the production and the musicianship are top notch. The intricate “Heretic Anthem” is up next and continues with the path that is laid out on the opener. Some clean male and harsh vocals join in on this one, making this one of the more aggressive tracks offered up here – and also one of the best.  Frosted Leaves, slows things down on the ballad “Depth”, before picking up the tempo on the final track “Great Storm”, which brings “Bleak Autumn” to a satisfying conclusion. Musically, Frosted Leaves are excellent and were an unexpected surprise. Vocally, F. Savant possesses a lot of talent and character in her voice. With “Bleak Autumn”, Frosted Leaves presents a solid new voice in the Symphonic Metal Genre. 

Rating – 75/100



  1. Still She Cries
  2. Heretic Anthem
  3. Depth
  4. Great Storm 


Line Up

  • Flora Savant – Vocals
  • Shahrooz Goodarzi – Harsh Vocals
  • Armin Arefi – Guitars
  • Ali Seif – Guitars



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