Galadriel – “Renascence of an Ancient Spirit” (2007)


Label : Metal Age Productions

Review by Danny Robertson

Initially coming across as an amalgamation of death metal and folk metal, especially on the first couple of tracks, Galadriel take a mixed approach to their songwriting – switching one moment from a growled death metal-style with vocals from male vocalist Dodo Datel, to clean vocals, then to a more melodic female lead and folk styling from co-vocalist Sona “Witch” Kozakova the next. Further into the album however, the musical styles are blended much more seamlessly, occasionally sounding reminiscent of Ram-Zet, Moonspell and Theatre of Tragedy, as Sona “Witch” Kozakova‘s voice is very similar to that of former TOT/current Leaves Eyes’ frontwoman Liv Kristine. Lyrically, the album features many elemental and seasonal themes and references, much like a tribute to the natural world, and the musical ability displayed here is of a high quality. Stand-out tracks include “Sorrowful Planet” (also the album’s longest track), which demonstrates well how the group are able to become much more than just the sum of their collective influences, and heavier track “The Autumn Leaves”.This would appeal to fans of the likes of both The Gathering and Theatre Of Tragedy‘s older material, and the current folk-metal scene.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Ode To the Earth
  2. Between the Worlds
  3. Metamorphosis
  4. Renascence of an Ancient Spirit
  5. Sorrowful Planet
  6. The Autumn Leaves
  7. No More Light
  8. A Grain of Sand
  9. Bare Tree
  10. Sleep


Line Up

  • Dodo Datel – Male Vocals, Bass
  • Sona “Witch” Kozakova – Female Vocals
  • Matus Hanus – Rhythm Guitars, Keyboards and Backing Vocals
  • Skkipi Skuppin – Rhythm, Lead and Acoustic Guitars
  • Lubos “Hoyas” Ducky – Drums 



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