Ghostnail – “Bad Bones” DEMO (2009)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella

The second demo from Swedish Horror/Metal band Ghostnail goes by the title of “Bad Bones” and was recorded between 2008-09, before finally getting it’s release in 2009. After listening to their first demo (which came out in 2005) and then this one it is easy to see that the band has grown more as musicians and songwriters. So is “Bad Bones” better than their first demo (“Do You Believe?”). That’s a difficult question to answer really, because if you liked the bands first effort than you are sure to like this one as well. Ghostnail retains their eerie sound scapes, yet the music featured on “Bad Bones” seems more stripped down, straight forward but still features plenty of their trademark heavy riffs and melody that made their first demo such a pleasure to listen to. After the opening track “We’re All Dead” gets things off to another great start, the next track “Bad Bones” brings things up a notch with a consistent riff that drives the whole song from beginning to end. My favorite of the 5-songs on this demo is the next track “Healthy Dead” which features a really haunting chorus. The final two songs “EVP” and “Las Vegas Lovestory” don’t stray too far from the bands style and are just two good, solid tracks to finish off the CD. “Las Vegas Lovestory” especially is a pretty addicting track with a solid beat all the way through and some pretty cool vocals provided by Erica and a male vocalist (not sure who contributes male vocals here, but they sound pretty darn great).Ghostnail seem to have an interesting vision on this demo and on their first one. Like “Do You Believe?”, “Bad Bones” is a fun CD to listen to, especially with the lights out and maybe a candle (or two) burning.

Rating – 80/100



  1. We’re All Dead
  2. Bad Bones
  3. Healthy Dead
  4. EVP
  5. Las Vegas Lovestory


Line Up

  • Erika Stenberg (Faerie Ghost Mother) – Vocals
  • Andy West (West Ghost) – Guitars
  • David Wievegg (Pirate Ghost) – Guitars, Backing Vocals
  • Christine Stenberg(Mezzo Ghost) – Keyboards
  • Mattias Nilsson (Elf Ghost) – Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Oscar Johansson (Oz Ghost) – Drums 



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