Glass Delirium – “Thanks to a Monster’s Many Heads” (2009)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella

One of the great things about metal is the limitless qualities it can possess. The criticism of metal that I have always heard is that metal is a musically limiting art form, which in my opinion could not be further from the truth, especially when you have bands like Glass Delirium from Colorado. Many consider this band to be progressive metal, and that – I suppose – is a fair assessment, but the band offers so much more and shouldn’t be nailed down to one sub-genre. Their full-length debut album “Thanks to a Monster’s Many Heads” is proof of this as the band are literally all over the map throughout this 12-song disc. Glass Delirium includes two lead singers. Cassie Mergo is the Female vocalist with Vincent Nunez handling the male vocals. Both vocalist possess a clear singing style that is different from a lot of today’s metal, no extreme vocals are anywhere to be found throughout the course of the 42-minutes of music on “Thanks to a Monster’s Many Heads”.One of the more pleasing things to me on this CD are the great vocal harmonies that Cassi and Vincent perform on the CD. After a brief 1-minute intro track that have the two vocalists showing off their styles, the band launch into “Beside Myself”. It is amazing to me that the band are able to include such different influences, such as: Metal, Jazz, Electronic, Pop and Progressive and still come out with a CD that is coherent and relevant sounding in today’s metal landscape. A perfect example of this is the fast paced track “Glass Delerium”. Other highlights include: “Vanished By the Red”, “The Color Nine”, “Quintessence” and “Transfixation”. All I can say is, “Thanks to a Monster’s Many Heads” is a fierce, intense and eclectic mix of songs that all comes together to make a rather interesting debut from this unique band from Colorado. Glass Delirium have already received many positive reviews for “…Monster’s Many Heads” and after listening, you can add me to the list of the impressed. The band deserves huge amounts of credit for thinking outside the box and delivering something a bit different, while still being listenable and musical.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Seeing Double
  2. Beside Myself
  3. Secret
  4. Vanished By the Red
  5. Glass Delirium
  6. The Color Nine
  7. Head First
  8. Quintessence
  9. Transfixation
  10. Ellipsis


Line Up

  • Cassie Mergo – Vocals
  • Vincent Nunez – Vocals
  • Scott Uhl – Guitars
  • David Newell – Keyboards
  • Robi Reagle – Bass
  • Matthew Starr – Drums



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