Label : Headroom Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From the UK comes the dark melodic power metal outfit Gone Til Winter. Their self-titled debut was released in 2009. Of course, they get the “Gothic” tag to their music, but I don’t agree. They come off as just a solid band that plays melodic metal, but because they have a female singer, I guess that makes them “Gothic” metal. Sometimes I don’t understand that line of thinking. Gone Til Winter’s line-up includes two females (vocalist Talena and keyboardist Rosie) and three males. The songs on this mini album are pretty much straight forward, no frills metal with big chunky guitar riffs. The opening song “Constant Retreat” shows what Gone Til Winter is all about. While there is a keyboardist, they are not overdone or overwhelm the music. The opener is a hard driving tune that features galloping riffs combined with memorable and melodic hooks and makes this a solid opener. “Hear Me” is next and the dramatic vocals of Talena Cuthbert really make this song another favorite, not to mention the huge riffs. “Nameless Cry” is more of an up-tempo song with a great melody. The EP is rounded out by the trio of “Twilight Heart”. “Ultimate Reality” and “Violated Within”. There may not be a whole lot of variety (musically speaking) on this EP, but Gone Til Winter are very good at what they do and this debut delivers with some fine metal.

Rating – 71/100



  1. Constant Retreat
  2. Hear Me
  3. Nameless Cry
  4. Twilight Heart
  5. Ultimate Reality
  6. Violated Within


Line Up

  • Talena Cuthbert – Vocals
  • Jonathan Gruzelier – Guitar
  • Rosie Smith – Keyboards
  • Shirezy – Bass
  • Ollie Peyton – Drums



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